Purac x Jujuscents - In Meditative Frequency Scent Concoction Workshop

Concoct your favorite scents with the finest ingredients guided by spiritual & perfume experts & bask in healing energies at Purac Studio.

About this event

i create possibilities & abundance …

by being mindful

by the virtues of kindness, patience and courage

by planning my goals

by achieving them one step at a time

by knowing that failure need not stop me from succeeding

by believing, in me

Transform your manifestation practice with scent - the language of the subconscious mind. Why scent? It’s the only one of our 5 senses that’s connected to the ancient limbic system in our brain. We cannot hear, feel or see scent. Yet by virtue of its invisibility, it immediately creates a powerful connection to the unseen. As you breathe in, you awaken your memories, emotions and experiences, aiding your envisioning of your goals and ideal outcomes.


What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a self-help exercise where one focuses on their desired outcome, using practices such as mindfulness, visualisation and meditation to bring that outcome into reality. By creating a vision for the future, putting energy and intention into making that vision a reality, and then aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions accordingly so that your vision can come into fruition, you can achieve what you set out to create.

This 10th September, empower your self-growth journey and unlock your full potential with the In Meditative Frequency scent concoction workshop co-organised by Purac & Jujuscents.

Jean will be your spiritual guide, as you learn how to use scent and manifestation in your practice. When things become unstable and unpredictable (as life sometimes can be), it can be tremendously comforting to know we have the ability to think our way into better circumstances. She’ll share how manifestation done right can be extremely potent as we navigate our unique, individual paths.

You’ll then try your hand at concocting your very own scent. Our perfumer Cheryl, will show you how to layer an all natural, botanically-derived fine fragrance according to the principles of scent. Channel their known beneficial properties to create a scent that’s you. The warm and deeply relaxing scent of Clary Sage is known to promote a sense of self-awareness, motivation, and positivity. Vetiver’s grounding, earthy aroma is both stabilising and calming, and known to attract abundance. Here, you’ll get to know the rest of the fascinating ingredients too.

As you put energy and intention into creating a scent, you’ll add another dimension to your manifestation practice. Focus. Success. Love. Peace. Compassion. Kindness. Or perhaps to send good vibes to a loved one. It’s up to your desires.


Workshop Details:

Date: 10 September 2022, Saturday

1st Session: 11am - 2pm

2nd Session: 3pm - 6pm

*Only 6 pax per time slot.

Location: 301 Jalan Besar, #03-01, Singapore 208962 (Purac Crystals, Astrology & Tarot) - Google Map - Located at the back alley., please message +6589501383 for passcode to enter.


1 Scent - $55

*EARLY BIRD PRICE of $49.50 for Sign Ups before 31st August 2022

2 Scents - $75

*EARLY BIRD PRICE of $67.50 for Sign Ups before 31st August 2022

3 Scents - $95

*EARLY BIRD PRICE of $85.50 for Sign Ups before 31st August 2022

**Add on a 5 min Soul Growth Tarot Reading with Jean for an additional $16.80 to boost your scent making journey.

Let your manifestations multiply by opting for the 2 or 3 scents workshop. Send your best wishes by creating a special scent for your loved ones, so they can practise the art of manifestation too.

Lastly, if you love the spiritual scent you concocted, for $75 you can have it upsized to a full size ( 50ml), or bring home a set of 3 mini vials (10mL each) meticulously presented and packaged

What will you create?


Who are your Guides?

Purac Crystals, Astrology & Tarot

Jean is the founder of both Purac Crystals, Astrology & Tarot and the brain behind the brand 'In Meditative Frequency'. She is passionate about supporting anyone who needs help with mental clarity and gaining inspiration for their paths.

By using mindfulness and manifestation practices, as well as insights from Astrology and Tarot, she believes in profiling one’s strengths and potential so that they can take advantage of this knowledge and forge a more fulfilling life.

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Cheryl is the perfumer and founder of Jujuscents. Understanding the deep benefits that a good scent has on our well-being and emotional health - enhancing our moods, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting immune systems and even preparing for a good night’s sleep, she started Jujuscents to bring rejuvenating fragrances to the comfort of our homes. Her room perfume and porcelain diffuser ranges are gorgeous statement pieces, making one’s home a truly sacred sanctuary. After spending many hours perfecting these delicately balanced fragrances, she’ll be sharing the secrets of a good scent at this workshop.

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