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50ml Artisan Room Perfume - Dorothy

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A subtle zest with citrusy starfruit and piney juniper, which gives way to a bright, cheerful blend of sweet florals dancing in fresh late-summer. Some woody notes for elegance and depth to the blend and finishing with silky musk .

Top: star fruit and juniper

Middle: cedar wood, poppy and hibiscus 

Base: oud, mango and musk

Spray two to three of the Artisan Room Perfume , to refresh and instantly perfume your space, or more sprays if desired.
Spritz at a distance of approximately 30cm from furnishings and surfaces, allow the spray to set in and enjoy
Our artisan home perfume contain a higher concentration of oil for that longer lasting fragrance.
Our Artisan home perfume concoction uses naturally derived fragrance oils and essential oils with all natural base formulated with no phthalates or parabens and 0% VOC content. GMO free, Free of Allergens and free of Prop 65 Ingredients.


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