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Artisan Perfume Wand

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Juju Artisan Perfume Wand. Sounds like magic?

Pretty much! We’ve evolved our much loved perfumes into a special solid formulation.

Travel-friendly, compact and subtle, solid perfume tends to leave a longer lasting scent than the usual liquid version given its velvety and creamy balm formula.

We’ve made ours glide on super smooth, with an alcohol-free, bee wax and moisturising jojoba oil base that melts into skin and oil holds the fragrance close.

 Apply and massage onto your pulse points — your neck, nape, wrists, cleavage or anywhere that you prefer on your skin.

With the beautiful beaded wand, it’s a welcome addition to your accessory bag or purse. Take your favourite scents everywhere with you.

6 Signature Scents:

Floral Lounge: Patchouli & Oakmoss

Pink Aura: Peach Blossom, Juniper & Rose Essential Oil

Gold Sunrise: Palo Santo & Wild Orange

Glamour Glaze: Amber, Vanilla & Fruity

Sapphire: Vetiver, Rosemary & Citrus Blend

Dorothy: Cedarwood, Hibiscus & Tonka Bean


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