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Juju Artisan Christmas Gift Set A

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Luxurious and creamy wax made from fruit, soy and coconut. Gives off a rich and creamy off white and silky smooth appearance and ensure a well-balanced, true-to-scent candle.


Used by candle makers to make luxury candles. This natural blend of fruits and coconut waxes is amongst the finest in the world. The wax is vegan, gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and comes from renewable sources. 


Featuring a delicate and unglazed white porcelain candle jar in minimalist style with high-quality essential oils and botanically derived fine fragrance oils unique blends that can fill your home with beautiful scent and sophistication.


It's widely believed that scents have a stronger link to memory and emotions than any of the other senses. So light the candles and let their scents bring you back to your sweetest memories of people, places, and moments in your lives.


Take this joyous moment to show your love and gratitude to your family and friends.

Gift Box A - Juju Artisan Vegan Candle and Juju Artisan Home perfume

  6 Juju Scents of your choice

Floral Lounge: Patchouli & Oakmoss

Pink Aura: Peach Blossom, Juniper & Rose Essential Oil

Gold Sunrise: Palo Santo & Wild Orange

Glamour Glaze: Amber, Vanilla & Fruity

Sapphire: Vetiver, Rosemary & Citrus Blend

Dorothy: Cedarwood, Hibiscus & Tonka Bean


Every Single Time - Snuff the flame only when the entire wax surface has melted to avoid tunnelling.



An Artisan Vegan Candle weighs 150g

and has an estimated burn time of 20hours or more 

Artisan Home Perfume: 30ml

Gift Box Dimension: 20*20*9.5 cm

Limited Edition: 150grams Artisan Vegan Candle:
Artisan Home Perfume in 30ml:

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