Juju Artisan Fragrances

Discovery Kit V.2

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SKU: DK22.11-C2

Discover the New Scent Collection. Original blends bottled in our classic 10ml glass vials.


Earthy and woodsy Vetiver accentuates the warm and sweet scent of amber. Rich and sophisticated, with just an adequate hint of uplifting lemon and bergamot. Soft florals and aromatic rosemary.

Top: Lemon, Bergamot 

Middle: Rosemary, Geranium and Neroli

Base: Vetiver and Amber

Glamour Glaze

Gentle Sea breeze collides beautifully with refreshing fruit bouquet of juicy mandarin, sweet plum and sophisticated raspberries. A blend of dainty jasmine and oriental notes of vanilla and amber adds a touch of sweetness.

Top: Sea breeze , Mandarin and Lavender

Middle: Jasmine and Raspberry 

Base: Amber, Plum and Vanilla


A subtle zest with citrusy starfruit and piney juniper, which gives way to a bright, cheerful blend of sweet florals dancing in fresh late-summer. Some woody notes for elegance and depth to the blend and finishing with silky musk .

Top: star fruit and juniper

Middle: cedar wood, poppy and hibiscus 

Base: oud, mango and musk

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