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Juju Artisan Christmas Gift Set B

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We’ve evolved our much loved perfumes into a special solid formulation.

Travel-friendly, compact and subtle, solid perfume tends to leave a longer lasting scent than the usual liquid version given its velvety and creamy balm formula.

We’ve made ours glide on super smooth, with an alcohol-free, bee wax and moisturising jojoba oil base that melts into skin and oil holds the fragrance close.

Apply and massage onto your pulse points — your neck, nape, wrists, cleavage or anywhere that you prefer on your skin.

With the beautiful beaded wand, it’s a welcome addition to your accessory bag or purse. Take your favorite scents everywhere with you.

It's widely believed that scents have a stronger link to memory and emotions than any of the other senses. Let the scents bring you back to your sweetest memories of people, places, and moments in your lives.

This joyous festive occasion, show your love and gratitude to your family and friends . We have prepared a couple of gift sets for you to choose from.

Gift Box B - Juju Artisan Home perfume, Juju Artisan Perfume Wand and Hand-Made Porcelain Charm. 

*Juju Scents of your choice. ( Pink Aura, Gold Sunrise, Floral Lounge, Glamour Glaze, Dorothy and Sapphire) 



Artisan Perfume Wand Dimension: 11.5*1.3*1.3cm

Artisan Home Perfume: 30ml

Hand-Made Porcelain Charm: Diameter of 6.5cm 

Gift Box B Dimension: Diameter of 12cm and Height :12cm

Artisan Perfume Wand:
Artisan Home Perfume in 30ml:

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