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Juju Sample Box

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Because you can’t feel a website.

Can’t decide from the photos? Then Get a sniff for real – for free.
What’s in the Juju Sample Box?

A range of our collection scents samples:

Collection A:
- Gold Sunrise
- Pink Aura
- Floral Lounge


Collection B:
- Sapphire
- Glamour Glaze
- Dorothy

Experience the enchantment of our fine concoction.
Immerse yourself in a world of captivating scents that evoke memories and emotions. 

3 Adorable Sampling sachets assortment in the Juju Sample Box.
Feel the scent physically.
You can reuse these sachets to infuse your purse, drawers, or car with the delightful aroma.
It's time to elevate your senses and create a lasting impression with our irresistible scents.

Please note that each Juju sample box is limited to 1 address only.
*Delivery Fee will be off set on your next purchase.



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